Dalmia Seven News

Dalmia Seven, the joint venture of India’s Dalmia OCL and Seven Refractories of Europe, has a declared focus: to bring the most advanced monolithics to the Indian market. The company has now successfully completed a casting trial for Ultratech Cement Limited, Rajashree Cement Works at Malkhed.

One of the most critical areas of the production process, the riser duct area, was selected for the trial to examine how the recommended monolithic solution would answer to the main challenges: coating formation, high temperature, chemical attacks from alkalis, and high abrasion.

Selecting the optimal solution

“When we approached this project, it was clear that the choice of material and application technique would be crucial”, explains Samiran Acharya, technical representative of Dalmia Seven. “Our solution needed to show excellent resistance to thermal shocks, mechanical abrasion, alkali attack as well as good coating repellent properties. After careful consideration we delivered a plan based on the usage of a low cement castable with suitable silicon carbide content and carefully balanced additives.”

In early December 2018, five metric tons of material were successfully installed to the client’s satisfaction.

Post-Installation Service

“But our job does not end here“, insists Girolamo Rossi, COO of Dalmia Seven. “Dalmia Seven does not only supply advanced monolithics, but delivers a complete solution. Together with the client, we will jointly monitor the performance of the castable, and we will also perform a thorough inspection during the next upcoming shutdown.”