Steel ladle

Dalmia Seven’s aim in ladle lining:

  • Develop advanced monolithic products and services
  • Supply solutions according to customer requirements
  • Achieve top performance levels
  • Ensure cost effective results

Fully integrated monolithic solutions have been engineered for any steel ladle lining:

  • Low and ultra-low cement castable
  • Precasted pieces ready for use
  • Ramming, gunning and shotcrete mixes produced with selected and high grade raw materials

Steel treatment

Casthouse performance is determined by runner and through design, product engineering and application technology. Seven’s main focus is to provide reliable high alumina and silicon corbide/carbon products for all refractory linings.

Quality zoning lances are designed to contrast the different wear factors.

High performance products are engineered for:

  • Chemical attack resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High mechanical properties
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Compatibility with repairs

Steel cleanliness is safeguarded by high alumina-spinel products

Electric Arc Furnace

Among the several items influencing the efficiency and the productivity of any steel mill, surely the delta roof plays a significant role.

Advanced ultra-low cement product and high alumina base provide precasted blocks or casted in situ solutions for any suspended roof.

The tundish is the crucial final vessel where steel cleanness must be ensured.



Monolithic safety lining, basic spray for working lining and precasted shaped pieces can be manufactured in different quality grades to match different client demands.

Dalmia Seven supplies products able to:

  • ensure uniformity of steel temperature
  • control turbulences and steel flow
  • ensure safety of the linings during long casting sequences