Dalmia Seven News

A recent trial for DCBL Ariyalur has once again proven the suitability of Dalmia Seven’s advanced monolithic refractories for the Indian market.

The trial involved the client’s burner pipe and thus placed significant challenges in terms of operating conditions. In preparing the project, four main factors had to be taken into consideration:

  • High temperature
  • Thermal shocks
  • Chemical attacks
  • Abrasion due to clinker dust

After selection of a suitable andalusite based low cement castable with silicon carbide for the trial, 5 metric tons of material were supplied and installed at the end of November. During the entire operation, a dedicated technical representative was present on site to supervise the installation.

Final Evaluation

“We were pleased to find the selected material and application to be highly suitable when the burner pipe was put in operation in early December”, summarizes Nirmal Kumar, Technical Representative at Dalmia Seven. “We will return for a final inspection of the material in the installation area during the next upcoming shutdown.”